Master Class: How to select the right features for a product How to select the right features for a product
Most of the companies waste a huge amount of their budgets to develop useless features meanwhile missing important ones. Having the wrong backlog is the easiest way towards failure. According to a Standish Group study based on 2000 projects, 45% of the developed features are never used.

This masterclass introduces you how to select the right features for your digital solution to bring you money, make your user satisfied and to keep costs controlled. Dr Andras Rung will present several methods for this purpose like mental models, Kano model etc. that you could choose the method that suits the most your working style and product development goals.

The masterclass consists of 30 min. theoretical intro to these models. During the practical part, you will practice in small groups how to prioritise product features with the Kano model.

About Dr András Rung

András is a Founder and CEO of Ergománia Digital Product Design. He is managing a team of 25 accomplished UX and UI designers and developers. András coaches company experts and solves difficult UX puzzles. Besides, he has been working on 100+ projects to date. His specializations are: Blockchain, Fintech, Banking, Voice, eCommerce, Telecommunication